You already know that you have to borrow, but you don’t know how to get started? You are not the only one, because there are a lot of little things that cause a lot of questions in man. In this post, we will take a look at how to get the loan from the idea to have a secure mancode on the loan application.

Step 1: Find the best personal loan for you and your situation

Step 1: Find the best personal loan for you and your situation

You can choose from a wide range of bank offers that want to take a personal loan today, so before you do anything, you should carefully consider which one might be the best solution for you. Are you looking for a free-to-use loan or would you take a loan, such as home improvement? Are you taking a shorter or longer term? How much repayment can you pay? It is important that you clarify these issues yourself before starting to apply for a loan to get closer to the best solution.

Here is a post that we wrote about what it is worth to choose a personal loan.

A credit calculator can be a great help in reviewing bids today, so instead of calling your bank in one row or just going to a branch that is in your place of residence, you can get all the money from the armchair in minutes, just a few clicks. Why is it useful to use a credit calculator? Because if you have the loan that is ideal for you, you get one click on the bank where you can claim the loan.

Step 2: Make the papers okay


You probably know that you will need different documents to apply for a loan. You may want to obtain these before you apply. Otherwise, it is not a long process to judge a personal loan – you can get money in 1-2 days – but you can even do more if you set up with pre-assembled thickets.

You will need an identity card (identity card, driver’s license or passport), a personal number that you find on your address card and, as a general rule, an income certificate. Income Statement is required for all borrowing, as required by law for banks, so you will also need to become an employee, entrepreneur or retired person. Employees can apply for an employer certificate from their company, such documents are issued by the NAV to entrepreneurs, and pensioners can prove their income through a retirement card and a pension coupon. This is basic, but there is a situation where the bank is asking for more certificates. Individual cases can be reported at the branch or telephone.

Not only is your bank curious about your income, but also about your expenditures, as it can be used to determine whether you could still pay a loan. If you run a current account with the bank from which you would take out the loan, there is not much to do: the bank will look back on your transactions for 3-4 months and draw conclusions. If you find less data, you can also ask for utility bills . In this case, only postal check notes can be good, and you should create them. If you borrow from another bank, you will need your bank statement that you can present.

Step 3: Contact the bank for a loan


If you know which loan you need and the documents you have obtained from your workplace, the bank is heading. As we have written, you can now easily contact them online. If you don’t believe in digital channels, there is still a traditional phone or bank branch. Very few banks are offering a fully digital loan today, and even just OTP is giving credit to its down-to-ceiling customers in less than 4 hours. The vast majority of digital requests are made by telephone. In this case, the bank will ask for your contact information and then call at a suitable time to start the process.

Credit assessment at several banks can be done not only digitally, but also via telephone. Attention! In this case, you will also see if you have a negative list of Central Credit Information Systems – commonly known as BAR -, ie, do you have a borrower with whom you have a backlog. If you are, it will not be the bank that gives you credit. However, it is worthwhile to inquire at Provident after the opportunity, but a calculator can help with this problem.

Step 4: Complete the required forms and submit the documents

You can also submit documents to the bank at the branch or at some financial institutions by courier. You may also charge an ad hoc fee for the latter. If you want an interest rebate on your loan, you can open a current account with the creditor bank, either online or at your bank with your ID card. In order to get a cheaper loan, you must receive this payment on your account or a certain amount per month. Financial institutions may also impose additional conditions, but typically the parking of your payment is enough for cheaper loans. If you have submitted all of your documents, you just have to wait for the result of the credit assessment to determine if you can get a loan or not. Credit assessment generally does not take more time than 2-3 days, but the bank may ask for other certificates that may expel this time.

Step 5: Accept the offer, sign documents

person signing

If you have received all the green lights and the bank then offers you a loan for the loan amount, maturity and repayment. You do not accept or accept this offer or accept and sign a loan agreement with the bank in which the bank undertakes to make the money available to you and you undertake to repay it and offer your income as collateral. If you notice the offer and sign it, you only have to wait for the bank to pay the amount to your bank account.

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