The transition from a traditional bank like the postal bank to an online bank is an option more and more possible for many of us. To avoid constraints and manage your finances yourself, choosing an online bank might be the right choice.

Here is my opinion on online banks and their benefits.



Why choose an online bank?

Why choose an online bank?

The growing supply of online banks is a testament to their interest in the French.

And in my opinion, it is quite logical, at a time when we like to free ourselves from the frozen rules symbolized by normal banks. Opening hours in inadequate with the daily rhythm of users, little transparent bank fees and unclear services …

Online banks give you the opportunity to operate differently. With access via your computer or smartphone, you can do your banking whenever you want. Open an account, make a transfer, everything is very intuitive and it is especially much cheaper than in the traditional circuit. For example, bank cards are free at most online banks.

And if you need an interlocutor, counselors are available on a fairly wide time slot, often between 8am and 10pm. Very convenient.

Let’s see what are the online banks of the market.

A fairly extensive online banking offer

A fairly extensive online banking offer

ING Direct:

With more than one million customers, it is the number 1 online bank in France.

  • ING direct notice:

To subscribe, it’s simple, just justify 1200 euros net per month and deposit 300 euros after acceptance of your file. 80 euros will be offered at the opening of an account. The key word of this bank is simplicity and everything is set up to help and guide you.


Regarded as the cheapest online bank on the market, Boursorama offers a complete 100% online offer.

  • Boursorama reviews:

With an income of 1000 net / month, you can benefit from an international Visa card. And the rates of investments and credits are attractive. Life insurance, stock market, booklets … Multiple services that allow it to reach a large number of users.


Fortuneo relies on simplicity. Conditions of access that requires no minimum income, just a payment of 300 euros.

  • Fortuneo Reviews:

A free credit card for life, no account management fees, and free international withdrawals! Many positive points plus a competent and widely available advisors service.

Hello Banq:

This fairly recent bank is aimed at young people with particularly attractive savings booklet rates.

  • Hello Banq Reviews:

Modern, the site has created a dynamic visual identity in agreement with the targeted clientele. Most services are free and you will even have a connected watch app.

This bank is paying (2euro / month for a basic account) but it relies on its ease of access. Indeed, to open your account here, you will only have to pay 150 euros at the beginning.

  • Reviews Monabanq:

It offers a full range of services, attractive rates of pay for young people and should appeal to small budgets.


This is the high-end of online banking, with strict membership requirements (a minimum of 1600 euros net / month for a single account), and is therefore aimed at affluent users.



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